Sunday, September 6, 2015

Refugees and immigrants

My cousin Ericka Sherman is in Hungary right now working with people who are helping Syrian refugees. I will be copying her posts to my blog, so good news she is much better at updating than I am.
I will start with her first post about traveling first to Iceland and then on to Hungary. Hopefully in order.
The first post is one from friend.
For: Ericka Sherman!! August 16, 2015
May your new chapter of your life be smooth sailing!! Some friends pass through your life as their journey flows where & they are going & we only get your spark for a moment!
But you light our lives in ways you'll never know!!!~~~thank YOU for the brief ride & the beautiful impact you
left me with! My heart
Is warm for knowing you! Ericka as you spend the next 3 years volunteering around the world, I bask in your spirit of making your life count!!!! &
making US look to live a well lived life!!

August 21st a link to an article in the Guardian

August 25th she has arrived in Iceland.

Iceland is striking, somehow the green scrub is a darker shade when its growing from the black volcanic rock. I came here to sightsee and ive just been walking, and watching the water.Im surrounded by tourists unfortunately so the idea of taking a tour with more of them is unappealing. Im thinking of changing my plans and flying from here to warsaw, ,instead of stockholm. Hmmm

August 28th an article about refugees in Hungary

Hi everyone, I'm sorry the upsdates have been few and far between, im going with as little internet connection as possible. I decided to walk around for a bit, I spent 4 days walking around Iceland and soaking ingeothermic pools, now im taking a couple of days to walk around Scotland because, why not? Ive just rented a short term flat inBudapest and will meeting with and working with the MigSzol Csoport Szeged group to bring in donations and help feed the thousands of Syrian refugees coming across their border every day. I'm exploring the option of a crowdfunded campaign for them, so we'll see. I'll keep you updated on that front. I just wanted all of you to know that if I don't reply to your comments it's not that I don't love you, its usually that im off to someplace else and the internet service is shaky!

August 31st

Hello friends! I made it to Budapest last night, the city seems lovely but my sole interest right now is assisting the Immigrant Solidarity group right now. They're a dedicated group from all walks of life, students to priests.Hopefully I can take some pressure off them with the students retuning. The situation with the Syrian refugees is more dire than I expected. I'd like to start a crowd fund for the basic supplies they need, at least set up a easy way for people to donate. They need lunch supplies, formula, bandages, sleeping gear, the list goes on. You might have heard of the 71 immigrants that died in the back of a food truck. Hundreds are trying to cross every day and these people operate soley on donations. I need advice on the best way to set up financial donations to the group. I think I can set up a crowd fund site, but can something be set up through paypal? Any advice is appreciated, thank you! 

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