Sunday, April 12, 2015

Adopted part 1

I have known since I was little that I was adopted. When I visualize images of when I was told I always see St. Vincent's where I went to elementary school. I see the side entrance, I can't recall the street name, directly across from the church's main entrance. When that exact day was I don't know, but when I conjure up when I knew I see myself standing or maybe sitting a car looking at the side entrance to my school, the entrance that would lead you to the upper grades or the gym.
I also have an image even deeper in my past that comes about now when I think of when I knew I was adopted. That image is me looking up from a bassinet, the very one my children lay in when they were babies, the image definitely is inside a car I always have the feeling of hearing a car engine and movement associated with riding in a car. A real image or one conjured and pieced together? I don't know.
I just purchased a new book for my Kindle, totally not novel, pardon the pun, thing on my part. In fact I'd have to say that my budget sometimes creaks because of the books I purchase for my Kindle or in actual book form. This book showed up on a blog written by Karen Spears Zacharias when I was talking with two of our teaching assistants about a murder of a child. Ms. Zacharias wrote a memoir about her relationship with the mother of the murdered child, A Silence of Mockingbirds. I read the entire book my first year in Hermiston after I discovered my teaching colleague was mentioned in the book. That discovery I will leave to you, but I read the book not only because he is mentioned in it, but because several evenings of my first year Ms. Zacharias would come and have discussions with my colleague, long discussions. Anyway back to the second newest edition to my Kindle, Karly Sheehan: True Crime story behind Karly's Law. I downloaded the book after talking with Tim Zacharias at a speech tournament where we were both judges. It was nothing he said, it just occurred to me that I was sitting around waiting for a round I could read this particular book.
Karly's mother, Sarah, lived with the Zacharias' for a time and is the connection to Karly.
I already knew, from the previous book that Sarah was adopted by friend of the Zacharais' and that in itself intrigued me, being adopted myself. As I started reading the book sitting there in the band room of Armand Larvie Middle School, I remembered an email from Ms Zacharias about my being adopted. She said I should write about my experience. I thought harhar Lisa the writer, yeah that will never happen.
Yesterday Mr. Zacharais said my teaching colleague and I should write a book about how we have such good success with our GED students receiving their GEDs despite the national trend. Joseph and me writing a book together, what an even bigger HARHAR. But then I thought about Ms Zacharias' comment about writing a memoir about my being adopted. Still quite the HARHAR, but maybe through my blog? I am not very good at keeping up either of my blogs so adding a third is a bit of a stretch. But I think Grammy Tales is a good place to start and see if I can write something that is worth writing more about. This being my first installment.

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