Monday, September 14, 2015

Sept 14th con't

So they've brought in the military now in preparation of closing the Serbian border, potentially stranding 1000s on the Serbian side, splitting up families and criminalizing being unregistered with threats of 3to 5 years in jail. Jail means never moving inside the EU.
Now Germany and Austria are implementing border controls against the Schengen accord that they signed, why isn't the EU stepping up???

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  • One of her friends mentioned the G word, Genocide, Hungary has experienced invasion, dissolution, etc. at the hands of foreign governments. It seems as if they don't want a revolution in their country started by foreigners. Overreaction, yes, understandable, no. But we all know how refugees and immigrants are treated.
  • Ericka Sherman well the country has been invaded many times and theyre really racist...i mean really racist

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