Sunday, September 6, 2015

September 4, 2015

Post from Ericka

So much has happened today! I can't believe everything I experienced! One moment I'm handing out water to refugees, the next moment I'm flying down the road with aid workers and doctors without borders to a holding camp, police in riot gear, talk about a riot in Budapest, false information given to the refugees that make them panic and hide out in the woods, human traffickers swarming ...I couldn't imagine the things I've seen today, but I just got off a 14 hr shift and I'm going to try to get a little sleep. I want to stay here I think!

This post came after I asked about sharing her experiences with my students.

So Lisa Chretien, here's something for your students, one of the major hurdles we have with the refugees is the Dublin Regulation 3, it says ( basically )that the first country a refugee enters must fingerprint them as their country that they claim refugee status in, a lot of the refugees believe that, say they enter Hungary and get fingerprinted, the country they end up in can send them back to Hungary if they refuse them and then Hungary which only takes in 500 immigrants a year, will send them back to Syria or the country they're fleeing from. That's why we have thousands of people walking for months through the woods to avoid detection, like the grandmother who walked from Syria with her down syndrome grandson, and why 71 men, women and children died in an overheated semi-truck. Seeing the thousands moving through the woods one older Hungarian man exclaimed "oh god, it looks like WW11 again. 

I love Upworthy, most times.... this is a direct to the comic and brings up way more than just people fleeing war. 

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