Monday, October 13, 2014

Mondays are sometimes icky

Normaly, I love Mondays. It is a time to crank back up and get to work. But this Monday I felt hazy all day. A feeling of almost, but not quite being off balance. It's weird and I don't like it. I always feel guilty on days like this, where I can't motivate myself beyond just getting to school and not yelling at students.
It was a full house in the afternoon and it is a full house this evening. Not a day to be feeling hazy. It also doesn't help, that my co teacher had a group of students from his college come in and didn't tell me until it happened. It's bad enough that he graduated from a Christian college and has these wonderful young ladies come in and talk about how they all have a double major one of which is a Bible study thing and then a real academic major like Psychology. "So we all have two majors." Really? two majors when one of them is basically a degree in the Bible? I don't think so. God will not smite me on this because, well, it's true. English and Science, Science and Math, English and Social Studies those are double majors.
The young ladies had interesting stories, but I found the one from Alaska to be the most interesting. She didn't name the village she came from, but she did say she lived out in the bush and the only way in or out is by airplane. She wants to go back to her village once she gets her psychology degree and work with tribal women who have drug and alcohol problems. How cool is that?
One of the nice things about night school is that I can sit in my classroom and get away from the very noisy young ladies out in the large classroom. So nice, though I just heard the f word for the hundredth time today. Yes, I use that word a lot, but not so my students can hear it. I am working on having less of a potty mouth, but sometimes that all I am doing is working on it.
The f word, that brings up one of the neighbor kids at my apartment complex who used the word in every single sentence he uttered for over 15 minutes. My guess he is about 12, his mom dumps their trash on the ground by the trash cans not in the trash cans. See where I'm going with this thread? Why are people pigs? A day doesn't go by that when the dogs and I walk past that particular trash can that there isn't a bag or box of trash on the ground in front of THE EMPTY TRASH CANS. Just saying.
I am also crazy hungry I didn't bring anything to eat with me today, due to that hazy feeling. I just couldn't wrap my head around fixing something to bring to school today. Sigh... now I am even more hungry, thinking about being hungry.

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