Sunday, October 12, 2014


I had a series of weird dreams last night. It is unfortunate that I really don't remember them anymore. The dogs were in them, my dad who has been dead since 2005 was also in them. That isn't all that unusual, I think my dad pops up from time to time to remind he was usually there for me when I needed him the most. My dogs, all of them have been in my dreams from time to time sometimes as companions, sometimes as rescuers or in need of rescuing. Weird. My horse Student is also a frequenter and something that always saddens me, in the dream and when I wake up. I miss that old horse so very much.
No night terror last night and that is a wonderful thing. I sometimes feel like I'm starting to have heart attack when I have one. Though I think I should probably call them a fibrillation because there is no pain, just my heart beating so fast that it sometime causes me to cough. I was worried I might have nightmares or a terror because I watched It yesterday. I like that movie or mini series or whatever it is called. Stephen King weaves a good scarey story, though it seems he doesn't like animals all that much. Which is why I enjoy Dean Koontz more. Every animal in a Stephen King novel is evil, ok maybe only in the ones I read. And I guess, in Needful Things the dog isn't evil but is treated in an evil way. What the heck is up Stephen? Hate animals much?
I enjoy horror novels and films a lot. But I think I am a horror snob, because the Rob Zombie-like films I do not like. I like the original Halloween and Jason films, but not the sequels. I also think aging has played a part in what I if find horrifying. Silent Hill scares the shit out of me as does The House on Haunted Hill. Mama, is scarey, but the ending is vastly unsatisfying for me. I guess I like mystery horror, the most. I'm not sure about Annabelle and I will wait for it to hit cable before I watch it. There was an episode in The Twilight Zone with a doll, a voodoo doll that carried a tiny little knife. That freaked me out and I am hoping age will make the difference with Annabelle. Possessed also scared me, a box with a curse... argh... scarey.
How did I get from dreams to scarey movies?

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