Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Monday and another try at trying to pull down my negative wall

I like Mondays, it is usually my first attempt for the week to settle my brain matter and try to think up some good lessons. I have failed at this for the last four weeks. Every time I try think up ways to coach/encourage/inspire my students I hit my negative wall.
At the start of the year, only two short months ago, I was excited by the new way we were to present and coach our students. To date with my night school students I have reintroduced the new grading plan and way to gain credit three times. Tonight will be the fourth.
I am so proud of my GED students, most are progressing through the official tests and I have already had one student complete her GED! I have five others working hard, the not good thing, I have 20 students working, supposedly, on their GED prep. We even had access to the official pretests for free and while all but two completed at least one pretest, those who didn't complete all four got mad at me because they didn't have enough time! They from Sept 22 to Oct 10, how is that not enough time. One of the complainers was even in class every day and didn't sign up for the website until the last day. What that meant was that he couldn't take the pretests, because he wasn't approved. I wanted to tear my hair out.
I'm not at school yet, so I am hoping introduction four will the kicker and I will these guys working on their projects. They even get to pick their project, with some guidance, I would have ripped through the 12 proficiencies and had my half credit of Comm. and half credit of History before Christmas. But then learning about History and Literature are two of my passions.
The project idea was designed with tapping into students' passions in mind, but I have found none of them are passionate about anything except doing as little as possible.
One student comes and is "bored" by the online class she must take, "bored" by the Comm. class, "bored" by the book she is reading for Comm., which she recently changed so there is hope, and "bored" by History class. She is loudly bored and belligerent about being told what to do in class. Sigh. The others do nothing quietly. But since I have new influx of students, another thing that makes teaching class hard, I will go back over the introduction. I am in the process of redoing the powerpoints and my notes to try to encourage the students to select a project. This time, two days to choose a project before I choose one for them. Not a good thing, but then not getting a grade is even worse.

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