Saturday, September 24, 2016


I really haven't tweeted all that much, I only started doing it more of late because of @sk12 which is a website that caters to teachers and has a massive amount of wonderful online classes for the technically challenged.
If you know me, you will are probably wondering why I feel technically challenged. I don't really, but I do have very low self esteem in technology and a fairly steep learning curve with learning new things. So #technicallychallenged.
I am a lover of history podcasts and my favorite @missedinhistory recently promoted another podcast @politicallyreactive. I was uninterested until they mentioned one of the 'casters is @wkwamaubell who I discovered through his series @unitedshadesofamerica on CNN. I have always felt my white privilege to be more burden than privilege. I know that my whiteness, and I now have proof of it from, goes back centuries and #iamprettysureyouarentmorewhitethanme, is something I never considered as anything more than who I am. There was absolutely no way around it, I could dream that there was some multiracialness to me, now I know better. I have been able to trace my birthmother's line back to England. I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution and the Civil War, unfortunately, in regards to the Civil War on the wrong side in my opinion. I have an ancestor who died from Chlorea in a Union prison camp.
The totally strange thing about my birth family is that it mirrors my adoptive mother's family. I am white and I was raised by white parents, one of whom was so racist that at one point I slapped her cheek because she called my Hawaiian boyfriend a nigger. I had always known she was intolerant, no hated other races. She was sickened that my cousin married a wonderful Mexican woman after his divorce. She nearly threw up when she found out I was pregnant by my Hawaiian boyfriend. I stupidily put that beautiful baby boy up for adoption because of her telling me she'd throw me out of the house if I kept the baby. It didn't occur to me to go to his family and ask for help. That's on me.
Now that I am totally #whitesagainsttrump, I wonder how she would vote. I know what I feel deep in my soul, but maybe she would have changed in her dotage.
I know have no one actually reading my blog, but I felt an explanation of why the wayward grammy is turning political is happening.
@wkwamaubell's podcast has fired me up and #tweetingdoesntfitmywordcount on the issues he and Hari are bringing up. I have been accused of lengthy emails by my principal and I am doing better on that this school year. But, fuck me silly, I just can't say in 145 characters, which includes spaces, which isn't fair, what I want to say. Argh... So here I am hoping to redefine myself here in my blog. I could always Facebook, but I am pretty I would get flamed by my friends who are Trump supporters. None of them seem to be able to not flame me or anyone else who says Trump is an idiot. I just ignore them or hide the posts they share from other idiots. Oh well. I am me and I don't apologize for my hatred of the racist Trump and those who agree with him. I truly fear for my country if Trump were to become President.

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